Breakfast Specialties

Farmhouse Special $9.39
Two Eggs, Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Swiss Cheese and
American Cheese piled high on Hash Browns with Toast.
Wyatt’s Country Breakfast $7.99
Two Eggs, Biscuits and Gravy, and Hash Browns served with two Bacon Strips, or two Sausage Links.
Bart’s Scrambled Burrito $7.49
Scrambled Eggs and Cheese Burrito, Smothered in our Famous Green Chili
Buffalo Bill’s Breakfast Sandwich $8.49
Scrambled Egg & Ham Sandwich with American & Swiss Cheese
The Cowboy Sampler $9.99
Two Eggs, Sausage, Ham & Bacon served with Hash Browns & Two Pancakes
Egg’s Benedict $9.49
Basted Eggs on Grilled English Muffins topped with Creamy Benedict Sauce and Hash Browns.

$8.29 Traditional Breakfast

Served with Two Eggs, Hash Browns & your choice of Toast, Biscuit or an English Muffin.
Choice of Bacon, Ham, Sausage links OR Sausage patties
Diced Ham and Scrambled Eggs
Italian Sausage
Corned Beef Hash

Steak & Chops Breakfast

Served with Two Eggs, Hash Browns & your choice of Toast, biscuit or an English muffin.
Country Fried Steak $8.99
Chopped Sirloin $8.69
Pork Chops $9.49
8 oz. New York Steak $10.49
10 oz. Rib-Eye Steak $12.49
Porterhouse Steak $14.19

$5.29 Western States Value Meals

3 Eggs, 2 Bacon or Sausage and 1 slice of Toast
2 Halves of French Toast, 1 Egg and 2 Bacon or Sausage
1 Pancake, 1 Egg and 2 Bacon or 2 Sausage
2 Buttermilk Biscuit Halves with Country Gravy and 2 Eggs
Oatmeal or Cold Cereal, Hash Browns and 1 slice of Toast

$3.29 Annie’s Breakfast Specials

#1 Two Eggs, Hash Browns & 1 slice of Toast #4 Scrambled Egg Burrito (Spicy!)
#2 One Pancake and One Egg #5 Buttermilk Biscuits and Country Gravy
#3 Three Eggs and 1 slice of Toast #6 One Egg & Two Halves of French Toast

Add one Slice of Toast for .80, or English muffin for $1.25 or a biscuit for $1.09
Above menu does not apply to the “Lucky 13” Club

No Discounts or Substitutions On the $3.29 Breakfast or $5.29 Western Value Meals. Egg Beaters just 60¢ Extra. Egg Whites No extra charge

$8.99 Old Fashioned Omelet’s

Served with Hash browns and Toast Biscuit or English Muffin
Ham and American Cheese
Made with Delicious and Premium Ham and Stuffed with American Cheddar
Diced Ham, Onions, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes & American cheese
Bacon or Sausage & American Cheese
Made with Premium Bacon and Sausage and Stuffed with American cheese

$7.99 Omelet Specialties

The Vegetarian
Mushroom, Onions, Bell Peppers American, Cheese and Tomatoes
The Spanish Omelet
Filled with Cheese, then smothered in Green Chili
Three Cheese Omelet
Cheese Lovers Delight Stuffed with American, Cheddar, and Swiss cheese
Mushrooms & Swiss Cheese
Made with Sauteed Mushrooms and Swiss Cheese

$9.39 The Work’s Omelet

Mushrooms, Onions, Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, American Cheese, Bacon, & Sausage

Hot Off The Griddle

Low calorie syrup available on request.


Tall Pancake Stack (3 Pancakes) 6.49
Annie’s Stack 6.69
Two buttermilk pancakes, two eggs, and two strips of bacon or sausage.
Short Pancake Stack (2 Pancakes) 4.79
Strawberry or Blueberry Stack 7.19
Two buttermilk pancakes served with strawberry or blueberry topping and whip cream


Belgian Waffle 6.99
Belgian Waffle Combo 8.19
Waffle accompanied by two eggs and two strips of bacon or sausage.
Strawberry or Blueberry Waffle 7.99
Waffle covered with strawberry or blueberry topping and whip cream.

French Toast

French Toast (6 Halves) 6.79
French Toast Combo 8.19
Four halves accompanied by two eggs and two strips of bacon or sausage.
Strawberry or Blueberry French Toast 7.99
Six halves covered with strawberry or blueberry topping and whip cream

Kids Menu

12 & under

May we suggest our $3.29 or $5.29 Breakfast items.


Coffee or Hot Tea (free refills) $2.24
Hot Chocolate $2.24 (one refill)
No Refills for the following beverages
2% Milk : Small $2.49 Large $2.69
Apple, Orange, Tomato or Cranberry Juice: Small $2.49 Large $2.69
Soft Drinks, Ice Tea & Lemonade (free refills) $2.39


Green Chili(salsa) $.95
Country Gravy $.85
Cinnamon Roll $2.99
Hash Browns $2.59
One Pancake $2.59
Toast $2.09
Bagel $2.09
Ranch $.85
Fresh Fruit Cup $3.79
Cottage Cheese Cup $2.79
Oatmeal $3.59
Cheese $.60
Egg $1.59
Bacon $3.59
Sausage $3.59
Ham $3.59


Not available on our $3.29 meals

Pancake for (2) Toast $.75
Fresh Fruit for Hash Browns $1.50
Add Gravy to Hash Browns $.85
Add Salsa to Hash Browns $.85
Biscuits & Gravy for (2) Toast $.85
Add Additional Egg $.99